Where to Find Snail Mail Pen Pals

August 14, 2017

You probably heard about snail mail somewhere and get all the reasons why you may love it. You are now interested to try it out but also wondering at the same time: "Who should I send my very first letter to? Where can I find a pen pal that shares the same interest or hobby with me?"

Well, thanks to the internet, finding pen pal is way easier today than it was before. There are people from different countries, and of different ages, cultures and hobbies that are keen to connect with other people around the world. Whether you are looking for a long term friendship or just trying out to swap collectible stuff, these few places on the internet will help get you started.

General Tips!
Before you approach any user, please read their bio or information carefully to avoid unnecessary fraud.

1. Instagram

Instagram is not only great for capturing your moments, but also a great app that you can use to find pen pals. Many people around the world are sharing their love for snail mail on Instagram. Some of them are interested in finding pen pals from different age and hobbies. If you're not sure about starting a long term friendship, you can try to swap postcards instead. Try posting or finding user with these hashtags: #penpalswanted, #penpalsearch, #penpalsneeded, #snailmailwanted, #postcardsswap

2. Postcrossing

If the idea of surprising stranger and getting a surprise back from another stranger sounds exciting for you, Postcrossing is definitely a must-try. This community is perfect for a busy person who doesn't have a lot of time to write long letters and prefer to send small, thoughtful postcards instead. You can also opt to receive postcards or letters outside the website if you like. If you are a fan of postcards and are interested in growing your collection, you should really make an account on Postcrossing.

3. Tumblr

Tumblr is a microblogging website that lets you share anything effortlessly, from photos, video, music, link, etc. You can almost find anything that goes along with your niche on Tumblr, including snail mail. Therefore, finding pen pals on Tumblr is also one of an option you can try. According to the latest statistic, Tumblr are famous among youngsters who likes anything hype and the users are generally under 35 years old. This will be perfect if you're looking for similar age group and interest. Try posting or finding user with these hashtags: #penpalswanted, #penpalsneeded, #snail mail friends, #pen pals search

4. Mailart 365

Are you more into drawing or creating art and send it to someone? If yes, then Mailart 365 is the right place for you. This project allows you to send your handmade card in the post for a year-long. Once you have completed sending 365 posts in a year, you'll earn their special badge. If you are an artist who is committed to sending your art every day, this can be a great place for you.

5. International Pen Friends

Are you specific about your pen pals? Do you want your pen pals to be from certain age or location? Well, this website is a great helper for that. What's best about this website is that when you joined, they will ask detailed questions about you and your concerns. If you are serious about getting a pen pal and are okay to pay for the membership fee, International Pen Friends will help you find your pen pals according to your need.

6. Student Letter Exchange

This website focuses on students or young people between 9-20 years across the US and worldwide. When you join, you will need to select the preferred country, age and gender of your pen pals for the website to select names that match your request. After that, you then write the first letter to the pen pal selected.

7. Sassociations

Sassociations is a free website that you can use to post pen pals ads. It provides a categorized list of all the pen pals ads submitted or updated during the last nine months. You can register to post your ads or if you don't wish to post your information and want to find for someone who matches what you are looking for instead, you can use their search function.

8. Interpals

Interpals is another website that's great to meet people from around the world. The website allows you to create a profile page to post updates and photos. You can also chat with your friends online and join a forum to discover more people that matches your interest or hobby.

9. Pen Pal World

Pen Pal World lets you contact and reply to up to 3 members within 24 hours for free, or write to up to 50 members every single day for 10 cents a day. This website also claims to deal with scam very seriously. For safety purpose, this website allows kids or minors to block all adults.

10. PenPalsNow!

This website allows you to find pen pals easily through their search engine or submit your own ad for others to find you. There are thousands of pen pals ads waiting for you, so take your time and view the ads one by one while looking for your perfect pen pals.

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