Snail Mail: 10 Reasons Why You Will Love It

August 03, 2017

Back in the day, before technology turned everything into digital, writing letters and having pen pals was the thing cool kids did in my school. Instead of followers on Twitter or Instagram, we were collecting stamps and postcards. I still remember my friends and I bringing stamp albums to school just to show our collection and we would exchange stamps with each other during recess hour. Having pen pals, especially from overseas, was the coolest achievement one could have in their social networking, long before the internet helps connect the world easily like today.

However, with social media, emails or text messages present to make sharing and communicating fast these days, why would we bother to keep sending those old-fashioned letters?

Here's 10 reasons why you will still love snail mailing in this digital world:

1. It's more than just "Hi", "LOL" or "K."

These overused terms are rarely seen in a snail mail letter. Instead of "Hi", you will get your pen pal greeting you with at least a paragraph-long of words, asking you how your days were. The best thing about it is that they really mean it.

2. It reflects a person's feeling

Unlike typing message on your phone, when you are writing a letter in an actual paper with a pen, you are actually taking the time to really think about what you are saying. Whatever you put on the paper, it will speak up your feelings more than the words itself.

3. There's a letter for everything

Birthday? Christmas? New Year? Valentine's? Or even Halloween? Just to name a few. Well, there's always a letter you can write for any occasion. Sometimes, you don't even need a special reason to surprise somebody's mailbox. Mail them a card, just because.

4. More reasons to buy cute stationery

Have you ever came across a cute stationery shop and see those cute stickers, tapes, gift tags, or envelopes but wondering if they will be useful at all on your end? When you are doing snail mail, you have all the reasons to buy those pretty stuff.

5. Ignite Your Creativity

Snail mail is not just about writing. You don't have to always just write and write to your pen pals. In fact, there's a lot of other things that are actually mailable other than just letter in the envelope. You can swap photos (yes, printed photos), coins, cards, tickets or other collectible stuff with your penpals. You can also decorate the envelope, draw for them or send them a handmade craft, if you like.

6. Sometimes it's good to slow down

I feel that our world that we are living in today is moving faster and faster. Accomplish many things as fast as we can has become a priority in almost every part of our life. Feeling productive after finishing multiple tasks at once may give us a sense of control for a while, but it more often leads us feeling worn out. Doing slower things like crafting or writing a letter will give you balance and help keep you relaxed.

7. Everybody needs a hobby

Basically, hobby is an activity you engage regularly while still having fun. It can make your life richer, deeper, more pleasing and enjoyable. Getting caught up in an activity that you love is good for relieving stress. Snail mailing can be a great way to take a break from your life while still having a sense of purpose.

8. It looks great on Instagram

Let's be honest, we still love to share tiny bits of our life online sometimes. Unfortunately, even though we love to, there's almost no such beautiful way you can post a screenshotted conversation you had with your friends as posting the handwritten letter you just received from the mailbox.

9. It's the best souvenirs from a trip

Sending a postcard from a city or country you are traveling to is a sweet way to tell your friends or families that you're thinking of them even when you're away. Unlike phone calls or emails, your postcard will likely be kept or displayed as their precious keepsake.

10. There's somebody out there waiting for your letter

No matter what your age or occupation, there's always someone out there that shares interest with you. Snail mail gives opportunity to get to know new people to discuss about things that you both like. It gives each other meaningful friendship and it also brings excitement and joy to every letter each other received.

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