Unboxing #CYBOX March 2017

March 31, 2017

#CYBOX March 2017 “Captivating City” contents:
SMALL: 3 A4 pdf digital stationery set {see email}
MEDIUM: small + 4 gift tags + 2 coasters + 2 postcards & envelopes + 1 sticker sheet + 1 greeting card & envelope + 1 patterned tape
LARGE: medium + 1 notebook + 1 eraser

Another last day of the month, another unboxing post!
Today we are going to show you what's inside #CYBOX this March.
We hope everyone already received their #CYBOX by now. Please contact us if you haven't!

NOTE: All extras from this month's content are sold individually in our shop.

Sticker sheet

Set of 4 gift tags

Set of 2 coasters



Greeting card

Patterned tape

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